The MSP Department, FPIK-IPB and the MSP Department, FIKP UMRAH work together to organize SESO Academy Session 1. Tuesday-Thursday, 28-30 December 2021.

In order to improve the quality of the academic ecosystem in the scientific scope of Aquatic Resource Management, especially in the _Social-Ecological System of the Ocean (SESO) science, the MSP FPIK-IPB Department in collaboration with the MSP FIKP UMRAH Department held a sharing session with the topic: “Introduction to Social-Ecological Network Analysis (SENA)”. This sharing session is part of the activities of the Fisheries Resource Management Division of the MSP FPIK-IPB Department, especially the Social-Ecological System of the Ocean (SESO Lab) Laboratory which is packaged in the SESO Academy branding.

This activity was opened by the Dean of FPIK-IPB, Dr. Fredinan Yulianda hopes that this activity will be useful for increasing collaboration between lecturers, researchers, civil society and students related to the MSP scientific field. In his remarks, the Dean of FIKP UMRAH, Dr. T. Ersti Yulika Sari welcomed this collaboration as part of the Merdeka Merdeka Learning Campus as well as improving the quality of the academic ecosystem in the two faculties. Furthermore, the Head of the MSP Department, FPIK-IPB Dr. Majariana Krisanti said that this activity was part of the implementation of the department’s program to share with the public related fields of knowledge under the coordination of the department.

SESO Academy Session 1 aims to introduce the Social-Ecological System approach as well as the framework of Social-Ecological Network Analysis (SENA) analysis tools, said Dr. Luky Adrianto, Chairperson of SESO Lab, in his introduction. SESO Academy Session 1 was facilitated by Dr. Luky Adrianto and Dr. Andi Zulfikar, FIKP UMRAH lecturer who is currently participating in the Post Doctoral Fellow (PDF) program at SESO Lab. The SESO Academy Session 1 activity which was held for 3 days from 28-30 December 2021 was attended by 114 participants from various universities, research institutions, lecturers, researchers and students.

The next SESO Academy is planned to be held for 3 sessions throughout 2022.