MSP Department Lecturers, FPIK-IPB and PKSPL-IPB Senior Researchers Contribute to the Indonesia-Vietnam Maritime Partnership Discussion.

Friday, November 26, 2021.

In order to improve bilateral relations between Indonesia and Vietnam, the Indonesian Embassy in Hanoi in collaboration with the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam and the University of Indonesia’s Center for Sustainable Ocean Policy held a Roundtable Discussion on Building the Indonesia-Vietnam Maritime Partnership which raised two major topics, namely (1) Maritime Safety and Security Cooperation; and (2) Deepening Strategic Maritime Economic Partnership : Sustainable Marine Economy.

In the RTD, the FPIK-IPB lecturer as well as a senior researcher in the field of Socio-Economic and Coastal and Marine Policy PKSPL, Dr. Luky Adrianto was invited to provide insight in the Sustainable Marine Economy session. Dr. Adrianto, in his presentation, described the opportunities and challenges related to maritime economic cooperation between Indonesia and Vietnam. Both countries are included in the top 10 capture fisheries producing countries in the world and exporters of world fishery products. Meanwhile the challenges are also big considering the position of the two countries in the context of the SDGs and the Coastal Governance Index also still needs improvement.

In his presentation, Dr. Adrianto also offers a collaborative ecosystem in the Blue Economy, known as VIBEI (Vietnam-Indonesia Blue Economy Initiative). In this ecosystem, the two countries can create 3 role models in the blue economy, namely the Sustainable Fisheries Role Model, the Sustainable Ocean Health Model, and the Sustainable Marine Tourism Model. With these three role models, it is hoped that Indonesia and Vietnam can share experiences, joint research and capacity building, etc. so that these role models are expected to contribute to the regional achievement of SDGs, especially SDG14. No less important in closing, Dr Adrianto reminded the importance of a multi-stakeholder platform in the VIBEI ecosystem.