The Department of Aquatic Resources Management (MSP) FPIK IPB has carried out an annual routine agenda, namely Monitoring and Evaluation (Monev) for the even semester 2020/2021 and preparation for the odd semester 2021/2022 on 11-12 June 2021 at Aston Hotel – Bogor. This Monev activity was opened by the Head of the Department, namely Dr. Majariana Krisanti and Secretary Dr. Ali Mashar and moderated by the Head of Administration (KTU) Mery Rusmini, SE. This Monev was attended by all Education Personnel (Tendik) and several Lecturers.

The implementation of Monev this year is slightly different, namely in a pandemic condition. All those present must comply with health protocols, which are required to wear masks and maintain social distance to avoid transmission of the Covid-19 virus. On that occasion, each child was given + 10 minutes to present a report or work for the past year and then continued with a discussion. The purpose of implementing Monev is to evaluate and monitor the work and performance of the staff so that academic activities, both lectures and practicum in the MSP Department, can run well without any problems.