Indonesia has the potential seeds of eel (Anguilla spp) were outstanding but the utilization is very low. Eel meat contains a lot of saturated fat is rich in EPA and DHA, in addition to high levels of vitamin A and the energy content is also high. Consuming eel can increase endurance. Eel consumed in the countries of East Asia (Japan, Taiwan, mainland China, Korea and Hong Kong). Even European countries like Italy, Germany, Holland, France and America also consume eel. Japan is the largest consumer of around 130 thousand tons per year of approximately 250 thousand tons of eels that are traded in the world.

Currently exporting countries declining eel catches the seeds so that production fell. During this time the seeds were cultivated natural catches. Eel production in Japan fell by 60 percent.

“They are looking for the source of the new seed tropical eels. Indonesia is currently the target of a tropical eel seed source, “said Professor of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Bogor Agricultural University (FPIK-IPB), Prof. Dr. Ir. Ridwan Affandi speech during a press conference pre Scientific Professor at IPB Bogor Baranangsiang (3/12).

Consequently eel seed prices soaring. Prior to the decline in production, from the original price of 200 thousand rupiah to 1.5 to 3.5 million rupiah per kilogram of glass eel of his (2013). The high price of and demand for seed encourages the glass eel catcher redouble efforts to arrest. If left unchecked would threaten the survival of eel in Indonesia.

“For Japan the rate is very cheap. So many seeds eels smuggled out of Indonesia. As anticipated, Indonesia banned the export of seed eel through regulation issued by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and the Ministry of Trade, “he explained.

The existence of this prohibition should be available seeds can be used for farming activities in order to increase the production of eels Indonesia. Besides, eel fish consumption in Indonesia also have to be encouraged to be highly nutritious fish that can be used by the Indonesian nation.

Eel is a resource that can be recovered but are susceptible extinct. Can be recovered because the fish is able to multiply the number of eggs that many (one-tailed aircraft capable of producing 1.5-3 million eggs). Vulnerable to extinction because of the critical period (larval stage) is very long (4-6 months) and its ruaya trip away (400-1500 km). Besides the diverse threats to their survival.

According to Prof. Ridwan, there is some effort must be made to the success of eel farming in Indonesia. Such efforts include guarding the export ban regulations, control of seeds and eel catching up, ban on using harmful fishing gear, do seed restocking of eels (2-20 grams) in the waters of the population is declining, remove stem migratory eels were prepared in the estuary / estuary, prohibit the discharge of waste waters eel habitat. Another effort is to establish the part of the flow of the river to be a place of refuge eel, setting the embouchure conditions so conducive, managing land use and maintain protected forest. “The most important thing is to make the fish ladder (fish way) on the outskirts of irrigation or dam building that eels can do ruaya upstream and vice versa,” he said. (Zul)