University of Rhode Island, USA researchers were visiting IPB on May 19, 2014. They are:

  1. Brook William Ross, Managing Director of Indonesia Education Partnerships, Indonesia Representative for the University of Rhode Island
  2. Dr. Laura Meyerson, Associate Professor of Habitat Restoration Ecology. She conducts research in and teaches courses on restoration ecology, conservation biology and invasion ecology.
  3. Dr. Nancy Karraker,  wetland ecologist and herpetologist whose research focuses on the effects of environmental change on wetlands and amphibian and reptile populations in North America and Southeast Asia

During one day visit an intense schedule was conducted:

  • On 10 AM The team was welcommed by the Director of the International Collaboration Office /ICO (Dr. Edy Hartulistiyoso) in accompanied by Head of Department of Aquatic Resources Management/DARM (Dr. M. Mukhlis Kamal), Center for Coastal and Marine Resources Studies/CCMRS (Dr. Luky Adrianto and Dr. Ario Damar) and Department of Conservation of Forest Resources and Ecotourism/CFRE member (Dr. Yeni Mulyani and Dr. Mirza Dikari Kusrini). During the meeting tehre was presentation from URI, IPB, Department, and CCMRS which mainly related to coastal restoration.
  • On 1.00 PM there was Mini-Workshop in a robust issue by Dr. Laura Meyerson and Dr. Nancy Karraker on Coastal Restoration for student from Study Program Aquatic Resources Management, Coastal Resources Management, and Environmental Services and Ecotourism Management.
  • On 3 PM there was discussion at Department of Aquatic Resources Management regarding Collaborative event between URI, DARM, CFRE, and CCMRS (Center for Coastal Marine Research Study). The discussion was attended by Dean of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Prof. Indra Jaya; DARM member, Dr. M. Mukhlis Kamal, Dr. Luky Adrianto, Dr. Ario Damar, Dr. Sigid Hariyadi, Agustinus Samosir M.Sc., Dr. Niken TM Pratiwi, and Dr. Majariana Krisanti; and CFRE member, Dr. Yeni Mulyani and Dr. Mirza Dikari Kusrini.  Type of collaboration will be a Courses scheme (such as course supervising, join class with credit transfer, fullbright program); Research scheme with the main theme will be Ecosystem Restoration from the Mountain to the Sea; and Capacity Building for Institution member.

The joint research program would be related to:

  1. Coastal Restoration,
  2. Wetland Ecology,
  3. Sustainable use of Natural Resources,
  4. Conservation of Biodiversity

By : Dr. Majariana Krisanti, S.Pi, M.Si & Dr. Ir. Luky Adrianto, M.Sc