(Water Resource Management Student Association)

Student activity

Here is a successful student activities properly implemented:

  1. Water Festival
  2. echosounder
  3. Fringe Lakes and Rivers
  4. Exhibition of Environment and Water Pollution
  5. Alumni Gathering MSP

Student Achievement

To develop student creativity, the students incorporated in the container HIMASPER MSP (Water Resource Management Student Association). In addition, students can also attend other extra-curricular activities.

The last three years, some MSP student achievement are: Gold Medal PIMNAS similar XVII (2004), the equivalent of a gold medal PIMNAS XVIII (2005), and IPB ambassador to the State of South Korea (2005).


For students who excel but less capable, Department MSP (either through the Directorate of Student Affairs or independently) to provide scholarships in collaboration with government and private. Until recently received a scholarship student MSP is Supersemar, Alumni, POM, etc.

Website : http://himasper.lk.ipb.ac.id/